Z Strain Cubensis Magic Mushroom

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The Z-strain psilocybe cubensis is a quick and aggressive colonizer, biggest/fastest pinner; Very rhizomorphic strain; Rizomorphic mycelium seems to isolate itself.  In nature, this is said to be one of the fastest strains from inoculation to harvests. In nature, it’s a prolific fruitier with little to no recovery time between flushes. This was a novelty magic mushroom strain bred by an unknown source.

Earn up to 2,650 Points.


Z strain mushroom is a popular strain known for its fastest growth from inoculation to harvest time. It is the most aggressive conqueror, among other strains in the wild. Z strain mushroom belongs to the P. cubensis mushroom species, an oddity magic mushroom strain reared by an obscure source. It is characterized by a large, meaty, and dense structure with numerous clusters that contains a few flowers. When grown on the right substrate, it produces above-average yields since it uses its substrate to the maximum. In nature, it’s a productive fruitier with practically zero recuperation time between flushes.

Users of Z strain mushroom have reported high potency altering the users’ sight slightly. The potency feature in the strain also causes increased creative whims. Z strain mushroom is the best fungi for you if you are looking for a strain that will help you complete your work immediately. It also gives a feeling of enlightenment and philosophy, allowing one to connect more with nature.

Both beginners and experienced growers can cultivate Z strain mushroom as it doesn’t require special skills. One can use a wide range of substrates for growing this mushroom, starting from straw to pasteurized dung to grain to compost. It requires 28 to 30 degrees temperatures during colonization and 22 to 25 degrees during cropping for maximum production.

The strain offers a high mind-blowing effect, though mild when used in small portions, which makes ideal even for first-time users. Extreme potency of this strain will make you aggressive at the immediate moment you take it with a slight visual challenge. It also causes increased impulses making the user more creative, thus becoming more focused. Like most strain mushrooms, the hallucinogenic impact is also experienced.

Besides the Z strain mushroom’s recreational purpose, it has a great value in the medical field. It gives the user a calm state of mind. In case you have a busy day, this shroom is a perfect choice to provide you with maximum relaxation. The recommended dose for releasing this effect is 0.25 to 1g, which produces favorable results to any user. It is taken orally in dried form. Taking 2.5 to 1g has a wide range of impacts starting from moderate to a powerful experience. It also energizes the users making them more creative. Therefore, this strain is highly used for reestablishing the user’s mind and body energy.