Golden Teacher


Golden Teacher mushrooms is the perfect shroom to try for beginners to psychedelic fungi. It can easily be recognised by its yellow colour and golden caps, hence the name. A gateway to newbies when it comes to mushrooms, Golden teacher offers a mild high with psychedelic effects.

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One of the most famous and sought after psychedelic fungi for both users (shroomers) and growers alike, the Golden Teacher mushroom has a lot on its sleeves to teach that contributes to its popularity.

Golden Teacher mushrooms will be the perfect shroom to try if the person is a beginner or a novice to psychedelic fungi. A gateway to newbies when it comes to mushrooms, Golden teacher offers a mild high with psychedelic effects.

In addition, the type of high it produces is a stimulating head high euphoria which brings a shamanistic effect and spiritual properties to the person using it rather than a usual high they can get from others. It does not only let you have a “tripping” feeling, but it can also give you a feeling of wisdom, freedom, and will allow a person to connect with nature. Allowing the person to bond with nature, it is also capable of rendering their consciousness receptive to their natural surroundings by seeing reverberations and shifts.

This feeling can last until 3-6 hours, and gives the user an opportunity to be one with nature and with his/herself. This high it gives off can be the reason why the Golden Teacher mushroom is named as such due to its ability and power to give the one who uses it body, mind, and spirit healing.

Medically speaking, Golden Teacher may also have benefits for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. It showed a positive effect on people with their anxiety, depression, and mood. Other effects of Golden Teacher may include seeing the passing of time differently.

If you are looking to grow Golden Teacher mushrooms, it involves a lot of cultivation, drying, and preservation. For experienced growers, these types of mushrooms are their favourites due to its large, rich yields, and their immense flushes. It needs a favourable environment with humidity of 80% and a stable temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. Growing Golden Teacher requires patience as they do not grow fast, but growers usually reap what they sow in the end because it will be a feast for their eyes once the golden coloured caps are showing through the soil.