How To Easily Consume Magic Mushrooms

How to Take Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms

Using magic mushrooms can cause nausea, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right consumption methods, you can enjoy a psychedelic trip easily. Many people use shrooms for either spiritual benefits or recreation. With a low dose, a bit of psilocybin can be a lot of fun. It can alter your mind and give you a fun trip. Others use psilocybin to try to gain more perception. With the right guidance, knowledge, and experience, using shrooms can give you important insights into the world.


No matter what your reason for using shrooms, you will want to keep several things in mind. For instance, if you are new to using them, you should begin with an extremely low dosage. You also need to be ready to have several hours of an altered mental state. You should not use them before going to work or driving. You might want to stay inside in a safe environment, such as your home.

If you go outdoors, you might have more interesting insights or visions, but since you will not be very in control of the situation, you might want to wait until you are more experienced. If you are not feeling well, do not use shrooms since they can intensify your feelings of malaise. 


It does not have to make you ill or feel unpleasant to use shrooms. By using a good method of consumption, you can make your trip even more enjoyable. 


This is the typical method of using magic mushrooms. When you are using them, you should chew them thoroughly. That way, you can ensure that all the juices come out of them for maximum effectiveness. The psilocybin from the shrooms will begin to enter your bloodstream, where it can be sent throughout your body. 

It might take around 45 minutes for it to begin to work. This depends on how recently you have eaten. The less you have had, the better. You might want to have a medium-size meal around two hours before and then avoid eating too much just before using shrooms. 

Many people do not like to chew the shrooms because of the taste. You could look for a truffle grinder, which can allow you to grind the shrooms to a powder that is easy to swallow. You can get the flavour out of your mouth more quickly this way. 


If you do not like the often-bitter taste of shrooms, then you might make a cup of shroom tea. Using them in tea will dilute the taste. Boil a bit of water, crush the shrooms into small pieces, and then add them to the cup of water. Just make sure that the water is not too hot when you add the mushrooms, so you do not destroy the psilocybin. Allow it to steep for around 10 to 15 minutes. 


Capsules are also an opportunity to micro-dose your shrooms. If you do not want to have a full trip, then you might like the option of more mental clarity with a micro-dose. It is also a good chance to experience shrooms without losing a whole day. You can also make your own with a capsule machine, empty capsules, and a grinder. That way, you can get a custom dose. 

Capsules are easy to take during the day, and you can discreetly top up as you need to. Shrooms do not taste good, which is why many people like to use them during the day. Often, they are friendly for vegetarians or vegans.


It is easy to add shrooms to food, which can give you an entirely new experience. You can also practice your cooking skills while you are at it. Adding shrooms to food can improve the taste of the shrooms, which can make them a little less nauseating. Because you can add shrooms to nearly any kind of food, your preferences will determine what you add them to. 

The trick when you are cooking with shrooms is to not add them to just any stage of cooking. Remember that psilocybin can begin to break down when there is too much heat or the heat is there for too long. For instance, if you add shrooms to the top of your pizza before baking it, you might have a bad trip. Instead, think of ways you can add your magic mushrooms as a topping once you are done cooking.

You could add your shrooms to some honey or homemade pesto. You can use either of them cold or at a cool temperature. For example, honey can be added to a warm cup of tea. 

Many people like to make magic chocolates with their shrooms. You would just grind up the shrooms and add them to some high-quality melted chocolate. Then, you could let it harden before using it. 

The more shrooms you add to your dish, the stronger your dose will be. Experiment to see what the best dosage for you is.


Some people use lemon juice to try to intensify their trip. It is easy to take, and some people believe that because the lemon is acidic, the psilocybin gets broken down faster. That is believed to make the trip more intense and the psilocybin affect you sooner. 

When you choose to use lemon juice, begin with about half of the amount of shrooms that you normally would. To consume them, grind the shrooms and add them to a shot glass of lemon juice. You can use lime juice, as well. No matter which you choose, they can both cover the taste of the shrooms.


Many people do not like the taste of shrooms. This might be part of the reason some people feel nauseous when using them. But with the right consumption method, you can make the experience more pleasant. With experimentation, you will soon find the right method for you.

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